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On the Indexing Process tab page, you can check and/or change the values of the following global indexing parameters.



Value (Changeable)


Number of restart attempts if locks encountered

The master data indexes and SID indexes in the BWAs can be used by multiple BWA indexes. If parallel processes attempt to write data into the BWA from various InfoCubes and change runs, the system sets a lock.

The system waits for a defined period of time before attempting to index the data again. Once the attempt to restart has failed a defined number of times, the entire process is aborted and has to be restarted.

The default values are: Number of attempts per index = 10, waiting period between attempts = 30 seconds. With this default setting, the system therefore waits a maximum of 10 x 30 seconds = 5 minutes.



Wait time (seconds) between restart attempts

See parameter WRITEINDEX.



Frequency (in seconds) of the BWA master data delta daemon

The BWA master data delta daemon checks whether new BWA-relevant master data has been loaded into the system. If it has, the new master data is indexed automatically. More information: Rolling Up Data into a SAP BW Accelerator Index.