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Creating and Managing BWA Indexes in the BW SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure


To make it possible to access a BW object's data when complicated scenarios arise with unpredictable query types, high data volumes and high query frequencies, you can store them as indexes in SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator Server. The system makes the a BW InfoCube's data available as a BW accelerator index in a compressed but non-aggregated form. These BWA indexes are created and managed in the BW system.


For more information about administration of BW accelerators, see Technical Operations Manual BW Accelerator 7.20 for Business Warehouse under published on SAP site.


64-Bit Architecture

SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator is based on TREX technology. To use SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator, you need an installation based on 64-bit architecture. Hardware partners deliver this variant in preconfigured form as the BW Accelerator box.


As TREX installations are based on 32-bit architecture, you cannot use a TREX installation configured for searching in metadata and documents with BW Accelerator. You therefore cannot use a BW Accelerator Box to search in metadata and documents either. If you want to use the search function as well as BW Accelerator, you need two separate installations.

Communication with the BW Accelerator Server

Communication between the BW system and the BW Accelerator server runs via RFC modules (see Maintaining the RFC Connection in Technical Operations Manual BW Accelerator 7.20 for Business Warehouse).

System Landscape

Only one BW Accelerator server can be used for each BW system. This is because the master data tables stored in the BW Accelerator server can be used by multiple BW accelerator indexes. However, this does not work if the data is distributed across various BW Accelerator servers.

If you want to run BW Accelerators with productive and test systems in a system landscape, we recommend using a separate BW Accelerator server for each BW system.


The following transaction and tools can be used to manage BWA indexes for BW objects:


For certain users or user groups it can be better to read the data for queries from the database (InfoCube, aggregates) rather than the BWA. This applies in particular if it is expected that the query will read very large quantities of data from the BWA and thus have a negative impact on performance. The threshold is 3,000,000 data records.

As an administrator, you can then prevent individual users from using the BWA:

In user maintenance (transaction SU01), go to the Parameter tab page and insert parameter ID "NO_BIA_USE":

  • If the value is "X", do not read the queries for this user from the BWA.

If the value is not "X", or the parameter ID is not entered, the system uses the settings made on the BWA Index Settings tab page for each BWA index (for InfoCubes and VirtualProviders). See Tab Page BWA Index Settings).


More information: SAP Note 1569658.