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The following sections explain how you activate SAP BW Accelerator indexes and fill them with data.

  • After creating a BW Accelerator index, you have to activate it and fill it with initial data before you can use it when executing a query (see Indexing BW Data in SAP BW Accelerator).

    For technical information about this process, see Activating and Filling SAP BW Accelerator Indexes.

    With all object types that can be indexed, you can add this process to a process chain for automatic execution (process type Create/Fill BWA Index Initially. See Application Process). This periodic update is particularly useful for queries as InfoProviders.

  • If you have loaded new data packages (requests) to the InfoCube, you have to roll up these data packages into the BW Accelerator index, in order to make the current data available for reporting. See Rolling Up Data to a SAP BW Accelerator Index.