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There are two different ways to define non-cumulative key figures:

  • Non-cumulative key figure with non-cumulative changes:

    Before you can define the non-cumulative key figure, an additional cumulative key figure containing the non-cumulative change must exist as an InfoObject.

  • Non-cumulative key figure with inflows and outflows:

    There has to be two additional cumulative key figures as InfoObjects for non-cumulative key figures - one for inflows and one for outflows. The cumulative key figures have to have the same technical properties as the non-cumulative key figure, and the aggregation and exception aggregation have to be SUM.

You can evaluate separately the non-cumulative changes on their own, or also the inflow and outflow, according to the type of chosen non-cumulative key figure in addition to the non-cumulative.

For aggregation, see Aggregational Behavior of Non-Cumulative Key Figures