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Before you can even think about interpreting the result of a query on an InfoCube with a non-cumulative key figure, you need to know the sequence of the aggregations.

The OLAP processor executes the aggregations in the following sequence:

  1. Normal aggregation

  2. exception aggregation with respect to the reference characteristic

  3. Currency and units aggregation


    Note: Even in cases where you haven't included the reference characteristic in the query, an aggregation is implicitly executed using the reference characteristic.


Your query has a key figure with the exception aggregation last value (LAS) and the reference characteristic 0CALDAY. You have loaded the following data into your InfoCube:

You now have the following drilldown by plant in your query:

This result comes from the fact that the normal aggregation is carried out with respect to the plants. The exception aggregation now has an influence in the construction of the result. As only one value was booked for plant 1 for the last date (16.06), only the value for plant 1 is included in the result, that is, 15.