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You want to display the share price of the customer in a query. To do so, jump to the customer on the CNN Money Web page using the context menu.

Query Definition:

Add the characteristic Stock Search Term to your query. It is a navigation attribute for Customer. This characteristic must appear in the drilldown in the query. It is passed as a parameter when the RRI is called. From the properties of the characteristic, define that the characteristic should not be displayed.

The characteristic Stock Search Term must be defined so that the key of the characteristic passes the precise search term.


Only the key, and no text, can be passed.

In this case, the three-place acronym of the company is passed:

The length of the characteristic must be defined with a length of three places; otherwise the other preceding places will be filled with zeroes.

Determining the Web Address and the Field Name:

To jump to the search term on the Web page, you need the Web address of the page to which the input field for the stock search term refers as well as the name of the input field.

You have two options:

  1. You look at the HTML code of the Web page:

    This is the corresponding part of the source code of the Web page CNN Money; the relevant parameters are highlighted in red. The tag form is followed by the URL that sends the data; the tag input is followed by the attribute name, which gives the name of the expected parameter:

    <form action="" method="get">

    <td width="60" valign="bottom">

    <img src="" alt="" width="49" height="16" hspace="3" vspace="0" border="0"></td>

    <td width="55" valign="bottom">

    <input type="text" name="symbols" value="" size="5" maxlength="38" style="font-size: 11px"></td>


  2. Execute the action on the Web page with a stock search term. On the Web page, enter for example SAP in the search field and confirm it. Copy the URL of the new window.

    The query string appears after the question mark. All the parameters name=value are listed here; individual parameters are separated with &.

Sender/Receiver Assignments:

Proceed as in Creating a Web Address As a Receiver. Specify the Web address you determined beforehand

In the assignment details for the InfoObject Stock Search Term, enter the field name SYMBOLS that you determined beforehand. You can set the indicator Required Entry so that the Web page is only called if this stock search term is found on the Web page.

Give the report the title CNN Money.

Jump to Google™

You want to search for information about a customer in a query in the Internet. To do so, jump to the customer on the Web page of the search engine Google™ using the context menu.

Query Definition:

Define your query as described above with a characteristic that has the search term as key.

Sender/Receiver Assignment:

Proceed as in Creating a Web Address As a Receiver. Determine the Web address that refers to the input field for the search as described above. In this case, it is: Give the report the title Google.

In the assignment details, enter q as field name. This is the name of the input field that you determined beforehand as described above. When the RRI is called, the key of the corresponding InfoObject is passed to the Web page.