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The report-report interface supports different jump targets - also referred to as receivers.

In the following, we will explain how to deal with the peculiarities of the various receivers.

BW Query

When you call the RRI, the selections are passed as described here: Process when Calling the RRI

For more information, see BEx Query As a Receiver.

BEx Web Application

For BEx Web applications, the same applies as for BEx queries. If a Web application contains multiple queries, the RRI is called for each query separately.

Transaction and ABAP/4 Report

Calling the RRI with a transaction or an ABAP/4 Report as the receiver is done with the RRI from the SAP NetWeaver Application Server. This is possible in an ERP system, a CRM system or within the BW system. The selections are prepared by the BW system that does not recognize the transaction or the report. The assignment is transferred from the RRI of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server using inverse transformation rules. There must also be a complete chain from the DataSource of the source system to the InfoSource, through transformations up to the InfoProvider. This does not mean that data absolutely has to be loaded using this chain. If this chain does not exist, the RRI cannot transfer the selections to the source system.

Calling the RRI only works for fields with dictionary reference. For ABAP reports, this means that the parameter has to be

PARAMETERS param LIKE <table_field>

. For transactions, this means that the Dynpro has to have a dictionary reference. Not every transaction can be called with the RRI of the SAP Application Server. For some transactions (such as SV03), you need to program a utility program if you still want to call it using the RRI.

See also Creating a Transaction As a Receiver.

InfoSet Query

The same applies to InfoSet queries as does for transactions and ABAP/4 reports.

Web Dynpro
When you call the RRI with a Web address as a receiver, the assignment details must be correctly entered.
Web Address

When you call the RRI with a Web address as a receiver, the assignment details must be correctly entered. You have to specify the name of the input field in the Field Name column. URL variables cannot be used.

See also Creating a Web Address As a Receiver.