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Creating Variables for Quantity Conversion TypesLocate this document in the navigation structure


When you create a quantity conversion type you can use a variable for the source and target unit of measure.


  1. Open the Query Designer.

  2. Create a new (dummy) query for an InfoProvider that contains the Unit InfoObject (0UNIT). You need this query to be able to create a variable in the Query Designer. For more information, see Defining New Queries.

  3. Using the symbol next to the InfoObject 0UNIT choose the entry New Variable. The variables editor appears. See also Defining Variables.

  4. Enter a description for the variable.

  5. If necessary, change the automatically generated suggestion for the technical name of the variable.

  6. Choose the required processing type in the Processing by field. If you choose User Entry/Default Value, the system requests that you enter the unit of measure in a dialog box in the query.

  7. On the Currencies and Units tab page, select Quantity as the dimension.

  8. Choose OK. The variable is saved with the settings you made and the variables editor closes.

  9. Leave the Query Designer.


The variable can be used in the quantity conversion type.