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You can use currency translation to translate key figures with currency fields that exist in the source system in different currencies into a standard currency in the BW system (the local currency or company currency for example). Another application serves as the currency difference report, where you can compare the actual exchange rates with the exchange rates that were valid on the posting date, thus determining the effect of changes to exchange rates. More information: Scenarios for Currency Translation.


This function allows you to translate posted data records from the source currency into a target currency, or into different target currencies if translation is repeated. It is based on the standard SAP function for currency translation.

Currency translation is based on currency translation types. The business transaction rules for the translation are established in the currency translation type. A combination of various parameters (source and target currency, exchange rate type, time reference for conversion) determine how exchange rate determination is performed for the translation. More information: Currency Translation Types


The currency translation type is stored for future use and can be used for currency translations in the transformation rules for InfoProviders and in Business Explorer:

In the transformation rules for InfoProviders you can specify for each key figure or data field whether currency translation is performed during the update. In special cases you can also run currency translation in user-defined routines in the transformation rules.

More information: Currency Translation During Transformation.

In Business Explorer you can do the following:

  1. Specify a currency translation in the query definition.

  2. Translate currencies at query runtime. Translation is more limited here than in the query definition.

More information: Currency Translation in Business Explorer.