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Currency translation during transformation enables you to convert data records from the source currency into a currency of the target of the transformation.

Currency translation during transformation is generally performed using previously defined translation types. More information: Currency Translation Types.

Note Currency translation types that contain variables cannot be used in the transformation.

This can also be done using user-defined subprograms (formulas and routines).

Depending on the type of currency, there are two different types of key figures:

  1. Key figures with a fixed currency (for example, DEM, USD)

    With a fixed currency, the currency is fixed with the amount. As the key figure refers specifically to the currency (for example DM, US$), this does not have to be entered again in the data record.

  2. Key figures with a variable currency (foreign currency for example).

    With a variable currency, the currency is determined by an InfoObject, (ODOC_CURRCY) for example.

More information: Creating InfoObjects: Key Figures.


When transforming key figures, you have two options:

  1. You can assign a source key figure of the same type to the target key figure (sales revenue instead of sales quantity revenue, for example).

    • If both key figures have the same currency, no currency translation is performed.

    • If the currencies are different, translation can be performed either using a currency translation type or by simply assigning a currency.

      The following table provides an overview of possible combinations where the currency is not the same in the source and target key figures:

      Source key figure currency

      Target key figure currency

      Currency translation (CT)



      No CT









      CT or assignment possible

  2. If there is no corresponding source key figure of the same type, you have to fill the key figure of the target using a routine.

    • If the currency of the target key figure is fixed, no currency translation is performed. This means that you have to perform the translation in a routine if required.

    • If the currency of the target key figure is variable, you also have to assign a variable source currency to the routine. You can use input help to select a currency from the variable currencies that exist for the target. You have two options:

      • You can assign the selected variable currency.

      • You can select a currency translation type and a currency to translate into ('to' currency).

        In the default setting, the 'to' currency is the target currency if it is included in the target.

Creating a Routine for Currency Translation:

If you want to translate currencies during transformation, but find that this is not possible for one of the reasons stated above, you can create a routine. In transformation rule definition, choose Routine with Unit. You see an additional return parameter UNIT in the routine editor. The target currency is determined using the value of this parameter.

More information: Routines in Transformations.