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The following application scenarios are conceivable for currency translation:

Translation into group- or local currency:

  • Store all values in the document currency in your InfoCube. You want to translate all values in your queries into the group currency. You can use a specific translation type for this purpose.

  • You will get values in various currencies from your source system. You would like to store all values in the document currency and in your group currency (for example, EUR) in the InfoCube.

  • Store all the values in one currency in your InfoCube. Subsidiaries want to translate these values into their local currency ad hoc in Bex using the exchange rate for the current day.

Currency difference report:

  • You want to compare values with both current exchange rates and historical exchange rates. This way you can analyze the effect of exchange rates.

  • You want to compare the actual exchange rates with those valid on the posting date. This way you can analyze the effect of changes in the exchange rates between the posting data and the current date.

  • You want to analyze the effect of exchange rate changes on your plan and actual data.

    For this purpose you have created an InfoCube for plan and actual data. The plan data was loaded into the InfoCube with the exchange rate that was valid when the planning was done. The actual data is translated using the current exchange rate. You then have four key figures in your InfoCube: Plan original currency, plan group currency, actual original currency, and actual group currency. Now compare plan/actual, each on the level of the original currency and the group currency. In this way you can analyze the currency translation effects.