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Prerequisites for InfoObject-Specific Quantity ConversionLocate this document in the navigation structure

Any characteristic containing at least one unit as an attribute can be used for quantity conversion.

To use a characteristic for quantity conversion, you have to make the following settings in characteristic maintenance on the Business Explorer tab page.

Specify a Basic Unit of Measure

Unit conversion is always performed based on the base unit of measure (as with material management conversion, table MARM R/3).

Create a Unit of Measure for the Characteristic

When creating a unit of measure for the characteristic, the system creates a DataStore object for units of measure.

You can specify the name of the quantity DataStore object, the description, and the InfoArea that you want to add the object to. The system proposes the name: UOM<Name of the InfoObject that the quantity DataStore Object is being added to>.

With objects of this type, the system generates an SID column in the database table for each characteristic and stores the characteristic attributes in the form of SIDs.

The SID columns are automatically filled in the transformation and cannot be changed in the end routine.

Assignments of quantity DataStore objects to characteristics are 1:1. This means that only one characteristic can be assigned to a quantity DataStore object, and one quantity DataStore object can be assigned to a characteristic.


Since the object is generated by the system, you cannot enhance or change a quantity DataStore object in DataStore object maintenance. You can only display it there.

You can fill the quantity DataStore object with data only by using a data transfer process with transformation. Update rules are not supported in this case.

You can also fill the quantity DataStore object using an expert routine with data. Note that the SID fields are not filled automatically in this case.

If a characteristic with a quantity DataStore object assigned to it is changed subsequently, (by making changes to the compounding or base unit of measure for example), you have to delete the quantity DataStore object and regenerate it. In practice, this does not occur after the data model has been finalized.




<Compounding for characteristic, where applicable>


<Unit of measure that you can convert into>

<Base unit of measure>

<Conversion factor: Counter>

<Conversion factor: Denominator>


<SID_Compounding for characteristic, where applicable>

<SID_Unit of measure that you can convert into>

<SID_Base unit of measure>