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Quantity conversion during transformation enables you to convert data records from the source unit of measure into a unit of measure in the target of the transformation.

Quantity conversion during transformation is generally performed using previously defined conversion types. More information: Quantity Conversion Types.

This can also be done using user-defined subprograms (formulas and routines).

Depending on the type of unit of measure, there are two different types of key figures:

  1. Key figures with a fixed unit of measure

    With a fixed unit of measure, the unit is fixed for the key figure. The key figure refers specifically to the unit of measure. meaning that the unit does not have to be entered again in the data record.

  2. Key figures with a variable unit of measure

    A variable unit of measure references an InfoObject.

More information: Creating InfoObjects: Key Figures.


When transforming key figures, you have the following options:

  1. You can assign a source key figure of the same type to the target key figure.

    • If the units of measure of both key figures are the same, no quantity conversion can take place.

    • If the units of measure are different, a conversion can take place either using a quantity conversion type or by simply assigning a unit of measure.

  2. If there is no corresponding source key figure of the same type, you have to fill the key figure of the target using a routine.

    • If the unit of measure of the target key figure is fixed, no quantity conversion is performed. This means that you have to perform the conversion in a routine if necessary.

    • If the unit of measure of the target key figure is variable, you also have to assign a variable source unit of measure to the routine. You can use input help to select a unit of measure from the variable units of measure for the target. You have two options:

      • You select a variable unit of measure and assign it.

      • You select a quantity conversion type and a unit of measure that you want to convert to.

Conversion Using a Quantity Conversion Type

If you have chosen an InfoObject for determining the target unit of measure in the quantity conversion type, you must heed the following when maintaining the transformation rules:

The InfoObject for determining the target unit of measure must be contained in both the source and target systems and must be filled using a rule.

More information: Defining Target Units of Measure Using InfoObjects.

Routines for Quantity Conversions

If you want to convert units of measure during the transformation but quantity conversion is not available for one of the reasons stated above, you can create a routine. On the transformation rule definition, choose Routine with Unit. The routine editor gives you the additional return parameter UNIT, whose value is used to determine the target unit of measure.

More information: Routines in Transformations.