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Defining Target Units of Measure Using InfoObjectsLocate this document in the navigation structure


If you want to determine the target unit of measure for quantity conversion using an InfoObject, proceed as follows:

  1. You require a characteristic that has at least one unit as an attribute. This characteristic, for example 0PO_UNIT, has to contain valid units of measure and the corresponding conversion rates have to be maintained (either specific to an InfoObject or in the central units of measure).

  2. Define a quantity conversion type in which the target unit of measure will be determined using this InfoObject.

  3. In Associated Quantity Attribute, set the quantity attribute for the InfoObject which you are using to determine the target quantity.

  4. In the transformation rules for your InfoCube, specify that the values for the corresponding key figures are to be translated in the transformation and enter the previously defined translation type. The InfoObject specified in the quantity conversion type must exist in both the source and the target system and be filled using a rule.


You want to load data from a CSV file and update it into an InfoCube. The InfoCube has two key figures (kyf1 and kyf2) of type Unit with different unit InfoObjects.

CSV file extract:










In the transformation rules, specify that kyf1 be updated to the InfoCube without changes. kyf2 is filled from the source key figure kyf1 and the unit of measure conversion is performed using quantity conversion type WUA01. In WUA01 you have specified that the source unit of measure be determined from the data record and that InfoObject Z_COUNTRY be used to determine the target unit of measure.

You have already chosen the associated quantity attribute 0PO_UNIT for InfoObject Z_COUNTRY.

In order that key figure kyf2 of the InfoCube is updated with the quantity conversion, Z_COUNTRY must contain the attributes 'D' and 'CH'. Furthermore, 0PO_UNIT has to contain valid units of measure and corresponding conversion rates have to have been maintained.


Characteristic bearing master data, Z_COUNTRY:

Characteristic: Z_COUNTRY

Quantity Attribute: 0PO_UNIT











In the transformation rules, 1 PAL was converted into CAR and 2 BX into UNIT.