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You can use the Sort Data transformation to sort data according to the selected fields. The node can be integrated into any point in an analysis process. Use the node if you would like to display the sorted data with the Display Data function.

The data structure does not change during sorting.


To sort the data, first all data in the data source is read, then it is buffered in the main storage or in the database and lastly it is made available in sorted form the transformations that follow.


Because almost all transformations perform sorts according to grouping fields, performing the sort beforehand with such transformations only leads to a decrease in performance because the data has been sorted once unnecessarily. The sorting transformation is particularly unsuitable for sorting data for the call of a routine transformation.

  1. Select the fields according to which you want to sort.

  2. Establish the sorting sequence. By default, the system sorts in ascending order, but you can set the Descending indicator.


Revenue is to be read from an InfoProvider in sorted form. In addition to the InfoProvider data source, a node for sorting is to be added to the model. If you select the Revenue field as the sorting field and set the Descending indicator, when the analysis process is executed, the data at the exit of the node will be sorted by revenue in descending order.