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Using formula transformation, you can specify one or more formulas for which the results are to be provided in the output table as additional fields.


You can still access the input data (input fields) for each formula. A range of system fields are also provided. The result of a formula is calculated line by line at runtime; this calculation is based on the input data table and the result is written to the corresponding formula field.

In addition to the basic mathematical functions available, a range of standard transformations such as date functions, functions for character strings, or logical comparison operators are also provided.

For more information, see: The Transformation Library and Formula Builder

  1. Define a formula field for each formula required by choosing a unique field name, a description, and an InfoObject for classification by choosing Insert Row.

  2. Define a formula for a formula field by choosing the pushbutton with the formula icon in the relevant row. You create your formula in the lower part of the screen. When creating your formula, make use of the option to access the contents of the input fields.