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Mit With Update CRM Attributes as the data target, you can write attribute values for the business partner into SAP CRM. This allows you to fill in the ABC class of the business partner in the SAP CRM Interaction Center (IC) for example.


Which attributes are available depends on which data targets and attributes are defined in SAP CRM and which release your SAP CRM has.

The following types of data targets can be filled in SAP CRM 3.1:

  • IC attributes for the business partner

  • Marketing attributes for business partner segmentation

  • Enhancements depending on business partner

If no data targets or attributes are offered on the Data Target tab page for your SAP CRM, in SAP CRM Customizing, create data targets under Start of the navigation path Settings in SAP Business Information Warehouse Next navigation step Data Transfer from SAP BW End of the navigation path.

  1. On the Data Target tab page, select the logical system to write the data to.

    The data targets defined in the specified system are determined.

  2. Select an actual data target and - depending on the type of data target - a subordinate object as well.

  3. On the Attributes tab page, select the attributes to be filled.