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You are in the SAP Easy Access SAP Business Warehouse. In the SAP menu, choose Start of the navigation path Special Analysis Processes Next navigation step Analysis Process Designer. End of the navigation path To create and execute a simple analysis process with transformation, proceed as follows:

Create a Folder:

You can create your analysis process in an existing folder or in an application. If you want to create the analysis process in a new folder, you first have to create one.

  1. In the left section of the screen, choose Create Folder from the context menu.

  2. Enter a technical name and description for the folder.

  3. You can stipulate that the authorization check is inherited from a higher level. See F1 Help for more informatoin about this.

  4. You can stipulate that the folder can contain analysis processes. If you deselect this flag, the folder will serve merely as a structure node.

Create an Analysis Process:

  1. Choose Create Analysis Process.

  2. Choose an application from the dropdown menu and choose OK. Your analysis process will be assigned to the relevent folder on the left of the screen.

  3. Enter a description.

  4. Drag a data source into the work area and enter the detail settings in the dialog box that appears.

  5. Drag a transformation into the work area. By double-clicking the transformation node, you can make the settings.

  6. Drag a data target into the work area and make the following settings in the dialog box that appears.

  7. Link the nodes with the mouse by placing the mouse on a node and pulling a connection to the other node while pressing the left mouse key.

  8. To make an explicit field assignment, double-click the data flow arrow that connects the nodes.

  9. Save your analysis process. Specify a technical name.

  10. Before you execute your analysis process, you can check the data and calculate intermediate results for performance optimization. See Checking Data.

  11. Choose Check.

  12. Choose Activate.

  13. Execute the analysis process. The data is written to the data target, and the log is displayed. You can also integrate the analysis process into a process chain and schedule it.