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With Changing the Attributes of a Characteristic as the data target, you can change the attribute values in the master data table of a characteristic.

Note the following:

  • Only attribute values in records that already exist can be changed. It is not possible to insert new records for the master data table with a new analysis process.

  • The referential integrity of the attribute values is checked. This means that for all attributes with master data tables, the system checks whether the attribute values exist in the master data table. Checking of attribute values is done by package and compared to the newest data in the master data tables. If there is an error, the analysis process terminates.

  • Attribute values are only changed in records that are contained in the source data.

  • If the input table contains several records with the same key, from which record the attribute value is filled is not defined. As needed, use another grouping step before the update.

  • With compound characteristics, the compound characteristics also have to be filled.

  • Units and currencies are treated like normal characteristics. Key figures and units can be changed independently of one another.

  • An analysis process locks the master data table against competing changes.


In order to be able to process mass data, the data is written package-by-package. After every package, the data is written to the database (COMMIT). In errors occur, the master data can already have been partially changed. A reset occurs when the analysis process restarts, with the effect that all the attribute values are overwritten again.

The process chain can help you to automate the execution of the analysis process and activation of changes. You add an analysis process to a process chain using the general service ABAP Program. Use the program RSAN_PROCESS_EXECUTE in it. For the second step, the activation of the master data, use an attribute change run (under Other BW Processes).

  1. On the Data Target tab page, select the characteristic whose attributes are to be changed.

  2. On the Attribute tab page, select fields that are to be changed.

  3. Explicitly define the field assignment for this data target by double-clicking the inbound data flow arrow.

  4. After executing the changes on the master data table, activate.