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Structure of the Analysis Process DesignerLocate this document in the navigation structure


As is shown in the following graphic, the interface of the analysis process designer is comprised of an application toolbar, a name, and status bar for the analysis process being displayed, the navigation area, function selection, and the work area.

Application Toolbar:

The application toolbar offers functions that are described under Additional Functions in the APD.

Navigation Area:

The navigation area is comprised of an application toolbar and a tree structure in which all available analysis processes are displayed. Every analysis process is assigned to a folder. You can create these folders using the context menu. An authorization check can be performed for each folder.

Using the application toolbar, you can create an analysis process and search for an existing analysis process.

Function Selection:

In the function selection area, all available data sources, transformations and data targets are displayed as icons.

Work Area:

In the work area you model or change your analysis process.

Status Bar:

The status bar shows warnings and error messages.