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In hierarchy maintenance, you can fix the structure of the hierarchy, by assigning the hierarchy nodes to particular levels. In the level maintenance, you can also enter free texts for these hierarchy levels. These texts are shown in the context menu when navigating in the query.


You are in the change mode for the hierarchy (seeEdit Hierarchy).


In the hierarchy maintenance, via the button Level Maintenance, you can access the screen for maintaining hierarchy levels.

In the left-hand screen area Maintain Level Descriptions for Display in the Query, you can see a list of all hierarchy levels and associated descriptions. By double clicking on the level or by clicking on a description, you can access a dialog box in which you can enter new descriptions for a node level. Enter as expressive descriptions as you can for the different hierarchy levels.


If you choose not to enter texts for the hierarchy levels, BEx uses the generic names Level 01, level 02,… level n.


For a geographical hierarchy with three levels, change the short description of the individual levels as follows:

  • Level 1: In place of Level 01,enter Continent.
  • Level 2: In place of Level 02, enter Country.
  • Level 3: In place of Level 03, enter Region.

When navigating in the query, after choosing Expand Hierarchy from the BEx context menu or from the enhanced context menu in the Web, you have access to the following options:

Expand Hierarchy