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The quantity of the characteristic values displayed in a drilldown does not change if additional structure elements with constant selection are added. The following sections explain the effect that this can have in specific cases.

For cell display, the following rule (CS) applies:

Selection elements with (CSE) or with selections set to constant (CSC) do not generate any additional objects in the drilldown.

Object Generation for Cross-Drills

Cross-drills are drilldowns where characteristics are drilled down both the rows and in the characteristics. Every cell or combination of characteristic values in the row and column drilldown is treated as an object here. For a structure element with (CSC), a value is therefore only displayed in the cell if there is at least one further structure element (whether visible or not) that has a value other than ZERO. This is not an error either if the key figure definition displays a value other than ZERO for the empty cell. When the key figure definition is called, the system informs the user with message BRAIN149 'The 'Display Non Postable Values' option has been activated'.


See Constant Selection in Examples, Example 2.

Object generation for queries that are not made up of structure elements with constant selection

If all structure elements in the query have the Constant Selection property (CSC) or (CSE), the rule (CS) stipulates that the query can never display data. The system informs the user of this with message BRAIN200 "Query contains selection elements with Constant Selection only" and sets all elements to object creation. If you subsquently add further normal selection elements to the query, the system has to reset the object creation for the constant selection elements, which means that adding further selection elements sometimes results in fewer objects being displayed.


See Constant Selection in Examples, Example 3.

Non-Effective Constant Selection

If a characteristic M is set to constant (CSC) in a structure element, and this characteristic is neither a free characteristic nor a globally filtered on, the constant selection on this element is noneffective until such time that object generation is deactivated. This is shown using message BRAIN201 "Property constant selection for element &1 is not necessary". The same applies for elements with (CSE).


See Constant Selection in Examples, Example 4.

Object-Generating Constant Selection

If you want a structure element Eo with (CSC) or (CSE) to generate objects despire rule (CS), we recommend copying structure element Eo to E1 and deactvating the Constant Selection property for E1. You can then always hide E1. E1 now remains object-creating, even though it is not visible in the list.