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The graphical view shows you the CompositeProvider and the components is it made up of, with all unions, joins and their fields. If you are using a MultiProvider, the system displays the entire MultiProvider, not the individual InfoProviders it contains.

There are two views to choose from:

You can view the entire CompositeProvider or toggle the display to Join Only. With this option, only the joins and their join conditions are displayed. If several joins are built up one behind the other, this is displayed accordingly in this view. You can also see how many providers each field is still linked with (+3 for example).

Properties of the Display

You can acquire the following information from the font and the colour of the text:

  • Black text: Normal provider fields

  • Italic text: Calculated characteristic and constant

  • Blue text: Join field

  • Red text: A field that is contained in the CompositeProvider but is no longer available in the provider

  • Grey text: The field exists but is not used in the CompositeProvider

You can hide unused fields by choosing Hide Unused Fields in the context menu. You can use the context menu in the background to set this setting globally. The number of hidden fields is displayed in brackets after the number of displayed fields.

The descriptions of the fields are displayed in the language defined in the language setting. If there is no description available in the logon language, the technical name is displayed instead. Otherwise, the technical name appears in the field's tooltip if the user has performed a mouseclick in the grey background field.

To provide a better overview, you can expand and collapse providers. This can be set for all providers in the context menu in the background and for individual providers in the context menu on the provider's header row. You can also use the arrows to collapse characteristics and key figures separately. Connections between collapsed providers are shown using dotted grey lines.


Settings allows you to hide entire providers, to modify the horizontal distance between the nodes and to deactive automatic highlighting. The Automatic Highlighting setting is activated in the standard setting, but only works in the Display: CompositeProvider and highlights all links if the user clicks with the left mouse button on a field in the provider.

You can also change the zoom factor, print the preview and use the navigator to swich to the required location if you have a very large view.

The settings that you make here are non-CompositeProvider specific. The system personalizes them and stores them under your user.