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Activating Virtual Time HierarchiesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use this function to release hierarchies for time characteristics with which you want to work in reporting. You can choose the hierarchies you want to use from a list of suitable hierarchies for a time characteristic. The selected hierarchies are then made available for you in reporting.


The hierarchies for time characteristics are not saved in the database tables, but generated virtually in the main memory. This is why they are called Virtual Time Hierarchies.

  1. Choose SAP Reference IMG → SAP Customizing Implementation Guide → SAP NetWeaver → Business Intelligence → Settings for Reporting and Analysis → General Settings for Reporting and Analysis → Set F4 Help and Hierarchies for Time Characteristics/OLAP Settings.
  2. Choose the Virtual Time Hierarchies tab page.

    On the left, you can see the active time characteristics in the system (such as date, month, calendar month, and fiscal year/period) that hierarchies are supported for in characteristic maintenance.

  3. Choose the required time characteristic using the button (date, for example).

    In the upper screen area, you can see the hierarchies suitable for the time characteristic.

  4. Select the required hierarchies by double-clicking on them or using drag and drop to move them to the lower-right screen area.

    The hierarchy tree symbol shows that the selected hierarchies are active and listed in the lower area.

  5. You can now select the start level for the activated hierarchies in the lower screen area, and enter short, medium, and long descriptions.

    With the start level, you determine the level to which the hierarchy is expanded in the opening drilldown.


    If you do not enter a description, the system creates one automatically.

  6. Choose Save.

You have activated virtual time hierarchies and can now use them in Query Designer for reporting.