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You are using a SAP BW Accelerator (BWA) or a database.


In data target Write Data to Analytic Index, you can save calculation results from an analysis process in an analytic index.


  1. Enter a description for your analytic index.
  2. Enter the name of an existing analytic index or create a new one.

    Enter an index ID as the technical name for your analytic index as well and choose Create.

    The technical name is always converted into lowercase letters, as this is how TREX processes them.

    If the data target in your analysis process is already connected with the previous node, a proposal for the analytic index (for the dimensions and key figures) is created from the input structure of the data target.

    More information: Creating Analytic Indexes in Analysis Process Designer

  3. Under Data View, define whether the analysis process will post facts, dimension data or authorization data. Create an analysis process for each data mart:
    • Facts: The analytic index expects the data in the structure of dimensions and key figures. In the analysis process, assign the fields to the result structure of this entry structure for the analytic index. Two write modes are supported: Replace Existing Facts and Add Data.

    • Dimensions: Specify a dimension whose attributes you want to load. Each data record in the analysis process result contains a characteristic of the dimension and the associated attribute values. You have the option of only loading certain attributes of a dimension.

    • Authorizations: For authorization-relevant dimensions that do not reference characteristics, load the authorizations filling a structure in the same way as for analaysis authorizations with the following fields: Attribute Name (ATTR_NAME), User (USERNM), Authorization (Technical Name) (AUTH), InfoObject (IOBJNM), Sign (SIGN), Selection Operator (OPTION), Selection Value (Lower Limit) (LOW) and Selection Value (Upper Limit) (HIGH). You do not need to specify the InfoObject if you always fill the attribute name (dimension). This also means that you can leave the attribute name blank if it can be determined from the InfoObject.

    You can either extract the authorization data from an InfoProvider or extract an assignment of users and values from an xls file. To extract analysis authorizations from an InfoProvider, you can use the Analysis Authorizations data source.

  4. Press OK. Data target Analytic Index will be created.