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Local calculations are performed (on the client) on the result set provided by the Analytic Engine. This allows you to recalculate results or single values from a report based on specific criteria.

Example Example

For example, you can create ranking lists or calculate the total of a top 10 product list.

End of the example.

This function is a key figure setting.

Caution Caution

Note the following features:

  • Local calculations only work on the displayed data. This means that local calculations only change how the values are displayed. For any subsequent calculations (such as formulas), the system uses the original values calculated by the Analytic Engine and NOT the display values changed by the local calculations.

  • Local calculations cannot be applied to hierarchies.

  • If you are processing large result sets, local calculations can take significantly more time to perform.

End of the caution.

Recommendation Recommendation

For performance reasons, we recommend that you work with exception aggregation and calculated key figures. This is because all the operations that the Analytic Engine can execute can be processed significantly faster (especially when using the SAP HANA database).

End of the recommendation.


Query Designer

In the Selection/Formula/Cell Properties screen on the Calculations tab, you can specify for a structure component which rules are used to recalculate result rows and/or single values and in which direction the calculations are performed.

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