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Procedure documentation Delete Location  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If you wish to delete a location, first set the deletion flag before finally deleting the location in a second step. In this way you can schedule the actual deletion process for a later point in time, not just for a single location but for several. You can carry out the delete operation in the background. 


The general prerequisites for the deletion of master data apply.

You have eliminated any still-existent dependencies involving this location. Possible dependent objects include ATP assignments or a product, model, or resource assignment, for example.

For more information, refer to SAP Note 572579.

To clarify existing dependencies, you can generate a where-used list for the location that is to be deleted.


       1.      On the Location Master: Initial screen, choose a location and then choose Location Deletion Flag.

On the following screen, set the deletion flag for the location and choose Save.


You can remove the deletion flag by unsetting the indicator for the relevant location.

       Choose Extras Delete Locations, to finally delete one or more locations that have been flagged for deletion. You can either perform the deletion immediately or schedule it for a later point in time.


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