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You can use this program to convert the existing ERP data for a transportation zone into the geographical coordinates of a geolocation. A geolocation is defined by the following data:



        Time zone

        Precision of the geolocation (for example, continent, country, region, postal code)

The system calculates the transportation zone coordinates by means of a geocoding program. The program determines the geographical latitude and longitude of the transportation zone. You can use this data to calculate the distance between two business partners, for example.

The geocoding is carried out according to the required precision, which may be defined at the level of country, region, postal code, place, street, or house number The SAP geocoding program supplied works at the country and region levels.


        You have made the basic settings for geocoding in Customizing for SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) under General Settings Set Up Geocoding.

        You have entered the necessary address data. The system calculates the transportation zone coordinates on the basis of this address data.


        On the SAP Easy Access Menu mySAP Supply Chain Management screen, choose Advanced Planning and Optimization Master Data Location Calculate Transportation Coordinates.

        On the initial screen, enter a supply chain model and choose Execute.


If you set the Take Deletion Flag Into Account indicator on the initial screen, the customer and vendor locations that are assigned to the transportation zone and for which the deletion flag has been set are not taken into consideration in the calculation of the transportation zone coordinates.

        Choose the transportation zones for which you wish to calculate the coordinates from the list of results and then choose Calculate Coordinates.

        The system calculates the coordinates of the selected transportation zones. You will find the geographical data of the transportation zones on the General tab page of the location master record.



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