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For information purposes, you can use this function to display and maintain geographical data on the General Data tab page of the location master. The system displays those geocoordinates here that it has calculated using the geocoding framework. You can display additional geocoordinates on the basis of geocoordinate determination strategies, for example if you want to know the geocoordinates of a location on house number level, postal code level, or regional level.

The system displays the geographical data on the basis of the following elements:

  • Latitude

  • Longitude

  • Altitude

  • Time Zone

  • Precision

To use additional geocoordinates and the geocoding framework, you must have activated the business function Enhanced Services for Transportation Network(SCM_SCMB_TR_NETWORK).


To display additional geocoordinates based on DDD strategies, you have defined the following in Customizing for SCM Basis:

  • You have defined strategies in the process controller under   Process Controller   Define Strategy  .

  • You have defined geocoding levels under   Master Data   Location   Geocoding   Define Geocoding Levels  .


Maintain Geographical Data

You can modify the geographical data for correction purposes, for example to manually adjust the data and make it more precise. If you modify the geographical data, the system also reflects the changes in the additional geocoordinates.

Note Note

Only the additional geocoordinates with the lowest geocoding level reflect the changes.

End of the note.
Maintain Additional Geocoordinates

For the geocoordinates that system has determined on the basis of the geocoordinate strategies, you can recalculate values or clear values. You recalculate values for example, if you have modified the geographical data and want new values for the geocoordinates of a specific geocoordinate strategy.

Note Note

You cannot make manual changes to the additional geocoordinates.

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To display and maintain geographical data, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose   SCM Basis   Master Data   Location   Location  .

More Information

For more information about locations, see Location.

For more information about geocoding, see Geocoding.