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The Portfolio work center enables you to add your application-specific migration requirements to your project template.


You are have installed SAP Test Data Migration Server solution.

For more information, see the Master Guide for SAP TDMS 4.0 on SAP Service Marketplace at published on SAP site.


The Portfolio work center consists of the following portfolio items:

  • Application-Based Transfer

  • System Shell Creation

  • Business Process Library

  • Stand-Alone Scrambling and Conversion

  • Client-Specific Data Deletion

Each portfolio item contains the migration solutions relevant to the item.


  • Select an application-specific migration requirement and choose the Add Requirement to Project Template pushbutton.

  • You can add the requirement to an existing template or create a new template.

    The relevant project template appears on the right with the migration solutions for your requirement.

  • You can add additional requirements to the project template.

    However, if the requirements you added are not compatible, the project template displays the status Error.

  • Open the project template to remove any non-compatible solutions and save the modified template.


You can create TDMS projects using this project template.