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Background documentationScreen Areas of the Workcenter


The left navigation panel, which you can show, hide, or adjust in size, allows you to switch to the following views:

  • Screen Area:Portfolio

    From the portfolio view, you can access business scenarios. The business scenarios provide information about migration requirements and the related migration solutions. After you select your migration requirement, you can view the relevant migration solution.

  • Screen Area:Project Templates

    Project templates are based on a selection from the portfolio. They can be adapted to your own requirements and used for additional projects. You can also choose standard templates provided by SAP.

  • Screen Area:Projects

    From the solution-related project templates, you can create a specific project with a specific execution plan.

    The execution plan supports you in planning and implementing the technical steps of your project such as necessary analyses and conversions.

  • Screen Area: Data Scrambling

    You can use the Scrambling workbench to create scrambling rules to scramble sensitive data before a TDMS run.

  • Screen Area:System Landscape

    The sets of systems participating in the migration process for SAP TDMS.

  • Screen Area: Business Process Library Modeler

    You use TDMS Business Process Library (TDMS BPL) to select business objects and their specific data environment in the sender system and transfer them to a receiver system.

  • Screen Area: Analyses and Reports

    You can use the reports available in this screen area to assist you in planning an optimal run.

  • Screen Area:Related Links

    Using links you can navigate directly to the SAP TDMS Application Help, to the SAP Service Marketplace, and to SAP TDMS Education.

  • Screen Area: Help

    In the top right screen area under Help, you can find documents that offer immediate and additional explanations relating to the function and concept of the displayed view.

  • Screen Area: Quick Search

    In the top right screen area, you can carry out a quick search for your projects and packages. Enter a project or package name in the Quick Search window and choose the Go pushbutton.