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Background documentationThe TDMS Workcenter


From the initial screen of the work center, you can access all relevant information about SAP TDMS, such as the portfolio, project templates, projects, data scrambling, the system landscape view, the Business Process Library modeler, analyses and reports and related links.

For projects and packages that are already running, you can navigate directly to your packages and projects from the Home page.


Navigating to the Workcenter: Method 1

  1. Install the SAP NetWeaver Business Client 3.5 or 4.0. 1.

  2. To add your system to the NWBC, enter the system name, the URL for the system, the system type, the client and language.

    You can get this information from the transaction TDMS_CFGCHK in your SAP Solution Manager system. After you enter the transaction, select your NWBC version and execute to view the system information.

Navigating to the Workcenter:Method 2

  1. Add your SAP logon system to your SAP logon pad by entering the system ID, message server URL, group server, and system number.

  2. Enter the transaction TDMS to enter the TDMS workcenter.