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Background documentationSolution: Shell Creation for SAP CRM


This migration solution enables you to prepare an SAP CRM receiver system for the migration of SAP CRM data from the sender system.


This migration solution consists of the following phases:

  • System Preparation: You prepare the sender system and the receiver system to carry out data export and data import respectively. You make relevant system settings and generate relevant files and create directories. The system edits the files to prepare for data export.

  • Data Export: Using the SAP Full System Copy process, you can export the required data from the sender system. The export results in the creation of an export dump in the sender system.

  • System Resizing: SAP TDMS makes relevant adjustments to system files to ensure that the receiver system is of an optimal size. Next, you allocate the required space for each table and its relevant indexes. Finally, SAP TDMS estimates the data size to be created in the receiver system.

  • Data Import: You copy the export dump created in the second step to the receiver system and use the SAP Full System Copy process to import the data into the receiver system.

  • Post-Transfer Processing: You carry out relevant post-transfer processing steps in the receiver system as part of the SAP system copy process Finally, you copy the reference client (Client 000) from the sender system to the receiver system to ensure a stable and consistent receiver system.


The receiver system contains the following objects and data:

  • Complete Repository

  • Cross-client data and Customizing data

  • User data such as roles and authorizations for all clients

  • Variants of all clients

  • Address data in all clients

  • Basis data such as Transport Management System (TMS), (SPAM) and jobs

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The receiver system does not contain the following types of data:

  • Client-specific customizing

  • Client-specific application data

After shell creation, execute the required migration solution to complete the receiver system setup.