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A project template facilitates the creation of a migration project for SAP TDMS.

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A project template is a prerequisite for the creation of a migration project.

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Project Templates: Creating a Project Template

  1. Choose the New pushbutton and provide the necessary information.

    The new project template appears in the list of existing project templates.

  2. Click on the newly-created project template to assign migration solutions on the project template screen for your template.

  3. Switch to the Edit mode and choose the Add Item from Portfolio pushbutton to add requirements and solutions.

  4. You can choose the Solutions Only pushbutton to hide migration requirements.

  5. You can view status and information messages on the Messages tab page.

  6. You can validate the consistency of the project template by choosing the Check Status pushbutton.

Project Templates: Viewing a Project Template

  1. Select a project template type from the following types:

    • My Templates

    • All Templates

    • SAP Templates

    • Obsolete Templates

  2. Click a project template from the project template list to view the details of that template.

  3. You can view the projects using the selected project template on the Used in Projects tab page.

Project Templates: Copying a Project Template

Select a project template and choose the Copy pushbutton to copy all entries in that template into your new template. You can rename your template.

Project Templates: Modifying a Project Template

  • You can delete migration requirements from or add migration requirements to a project template if the template is not being used by an active project.

  • You can define migration parameters at the project level (across all migration solutions in the project) or at the package level (for a specific migration solution).

    Note Note

    You can view the Project Template Parameters tab page if migration parameters are defined for the solution.

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    For more information about migration parameters, see Migration Parameters.

Project Templates: Deleting a Project Template

Select an existing project template and choose the Delete pushbutton to remove it from the list.

Note Note

You can only delete a project template if it is not used in a project. If you attempt to delete a project template that has already been used, the system displays an error message.

You cannot delete an SAP template.

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