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Background documentationSolution: Stand-Alone Scrambling


SAP TDMS provides the Scrambling workbench and ready-to-use scrambling content to scramble data in the non-production system.

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This migration solution does not involve any data transfer.

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Ready-to-Use Content

SAP TDMS provides ready-to-use scrambling content for the following business object attributes:

  • Vendor Number

  • Customer Number

  • Material Number

  • Vendor Address and Customer Address

  • HCM-Related Content


The Stand-Alone Scrambling migration solution includes the following phases:

  • Package Settings: In this phase, you define scrambling rules for the data you want scrambled. You execute background activities, which activate and initialize the scrambling rules.

  • Scrambling: SAP TDMS scrambles the selected data, based on the settings made in the previous phase.

  • Post-Transfer Processing: In this phase, you execute background activities to delete the following temporary objects created during scrambling:

    • Table Data

    • Buffers

    • Indexes

    • Views


You can create your own scrambling Customizing such as scrambling rules, groups, supergroups and so on.

You can also assign scrambling rules to any scrambling object in the Scrambling Workbench.

Execute the migration process tree for the Stand-Alone Scrambling migration solution to scramble your data in the non-production system.