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 SAP Smart Business Download Tool


With this tool, you can easily download SAP Smart Business content, such as KPIs, evaluations, and drill-downs, from the HANA repository of a SAP system to the file system of the device on which you run this tool using an internet web browser. You can also use this tool to download analytical privileges and roles.

Note Note

You can this tool only to download content from an SAP system. You cannot use this tool to upload content to an SAP system.

We recommend you either use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the internet web browser to run this tool. For more information, see SAP Note 2018360Information published on SAP site.

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To use this tool, users have to be assigned the role

Based on the release, you can use one of the following URLs to launch the download tool:

Note Note

For Q2/2014 and earlier releases, the text that you enter while downloading the Smart Business content will be used to fetch all the entities whose IDs start with the entered text.

For Q3/2014 and later releases, when selecting the KPIs, the search text that you enter will be used to fetch all the KPIs whose titles match the entered text.

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Key Features

  • Download KPIs, evaluations, and drill-downs

    In case of KPIs, evaluations, and drill-downs, the content is downloaded as a set of csv files and one hdbti file. You can then upload these downloaded files to the HANA repository of the target SAP system.

  • Download analytical privileges and roles

    To download analytical privileges and roles, you create an empty role and assign all the required evaluations to it. You then provide this empty role to the download tool, which in turn generates a set of analyticalprivilege files and one hdbrole file. These files can then be uploaded to the HANA repository of the target SAP system.

Note Note

You cannot download Smart Business associations using this tool. The associations have to be manually created again in the target SAP system.

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System Landscape Requirements


SAP Smart Business Download Tool

Software Component

HCO_HBA_R_SB_TP (for Q3/2014 and later releases)

HCO_HBA_A_KPI_T (for Q2/2014 and earlier releases)

Based On

SAP HANA Live 1.0 for SAP Business Suite foundation component SPS 09

Documentation published

April 2015

Component for Customer Incidents


More Information

For more information on SAP Smart Business, see published on SAP site