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Approval processes for purchase order responses (POR) do not use the process-controlled workflow framework and consequently do not require the related business process configuration or Business Add-Ins (BAdIs). Instead, the process logic is hard-coded.

The following start conditions are checked:

  • The data is within the tolerances defined in Customizing for Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) under   SRM Server   Cross-Application Basic Settings   Set Tolerance Checks  .

  • No differences exist between purchase order (PO) and POR.

If both start conditions are true, the POR data is transferred to the PO without the need for any further manual data entry. If one of the start conditions is not fulfilled, the purchaser receives a workflow work item.

E-mail notifications or alerts are not sent.

If you want to modify the logic for agent determination or the start conditions, you can implement the BAdI POR Start Conditions and Agent Determination (BBP_PCO_WFL_BADI). This BAdI contains the following methods:

  • DETERMINE_AGENT (to determine agents)

  • START_WORKFLOW (to define start conditions)

Note Note

If you have switched from application-controlled workflow framework to process-controlled workflow framework, you must deactivate the start conditions for the templates WS14500001 and WS14500019.

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