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From a workflow approval perspective, purchase orders (POs) are treated exactly as change versions of purchase orders (PO-CV). This means that the approval workflows for PO and PO-CV start when a PO has been saved and also when a PO-CV has been released. The only difference is in the sequence of the approval processes: Various events (Purchase Order EC Saved and Purchase Order EC Save Changes) trigger the start of the workflow. In addition, different attributes of the object type BUS2201 can be evaluated in the start conditions for PO and PO-CV.

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Approval Process for Purchase Orders


  • A PO is created from a shopping cart, from an external requirement, from a bid, or by manual entry in the user dialog.

  • Event: Purchase Order EC saved

  • Check of start conditions:

    • 0-step approval workflow (WS14000075) (PO is approved automatically),

    • 1-step approval workflow (WS14000089) or

    • n-step approval workflow (WS14000145)

      The delivered start conditions for BUS2201 (Purchase Order EC) must be adapted to suit your specific requirements and must be activated.

  • In case of approval: PO status released (PO becomes active)

  • In case of rejection: PO status rejected (further processing and workflow restart possible)

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Approval Process for Change Versions of Purchase Orders


  • Change to active version (ordered PO): System creates a change version, which is released to be subsequently approved.

  • Event: Purchase Order EC Save Changes

  • Check of start conditions: Start WS14000075, WS14000089 or WS14000145

    The attributes that can effectively be used for the start conditions for the change version are contained in the attribute list SimpleListOfChanges. You can also use other attributes.

  • In case of approval: The system transfers the changes to the active document.

  • In case of rejection: Further processing of the PO-CV is possible

For more detailed information on the 1-step approval workflow (WS14000089) and n-step approval workflow (WS14000145), see: Approval Workflows for Purchase Orders and Change Versions.

For more information on change versions of purchase orders, see Processing of Change Versions.