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You can use this business process to display and process invoices in SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) and SAP Supplier Self-Services (SUS).

As a supplier or service provider, all invoices that you enter or process in SAP SRM must be approved by a responsible internal employee. For goods and services with a low purchase value, invoices and credit memos can also be created without a purchase order reference. Moreover, it is also possible to create express invoices in the check status application.

In SUS, you can enter an invoice with reference to a purchase order, shipping notification, or contact person before they are sent to the customer.

If, following a purchase order, the goods or services turn out to be defective, or the price charged is too high, you, as an internal employee, supplier, or service provider, can enter and process credit memos or subsequent debits/credits in SAP SRM.


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  1. Enter invoice in SAP SRM

  2. Enter invoice in SUS

  3. Simulate invoice

  4. Verify invoice

  5. Approve invoice

  6. Create credit memo

  7. Create subsequent debit or credit

  8. Cancel invoice