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This section is only relevant for environments in which SAP Sourcing is integrated with SAP ERP.

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SAP ERP uses Item Categories to determine the business scenario for a specific line item in a procurement document. The Item Categories determine, for example, what data is required and possible subsequent activities. SAP Sourcing includes Item Types in Master Agreements and RFx documents, which are equivalent to SAP ERP Item Categories. Item Type features include:

  • Display Item Types as Material to Suppliers:

    As a purchaser in SAP Sourcing, you choose to display any of the new item types as "Material" to suppliers. This is useful if the final Item Type has not been determined.

  • Change Item Type in RFx Award:

    You can change the Item Type of individual line items during the award phase of an RFx event. This is useful when the final Item Type has not yet been determined when you are setting up an RFx.

  • Item Types in Formulas:

    SAP Sourcing treats all Item Types (except Service) as “Material” in formulas.

  • Item Type Material Group does not require Price and Quantity:

    For line items with Item Type “Material Group” in Master Agreements/Agreements, you do not need to enter quantities and prices.