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Modifiers (options), such as break, restart, and noescape can occur after a modification action (rule). So that you can use modifiers without definitions too, the nop action is provided. The nop action combined with the break modifier (option) is particularly useful because this can be used to stop the rule evaluation.

Example Example

If %{SERVER_ADDR} !stricmp

NOP [break]

RegForbiddenUrl 1/(.*)-

All HTTP requests that are not received through server IP address are rejected.

End of the example.


To control the execution sequence the following additional modifiers (options) are provided. You can specify multiple options consecutively, separated by commas:

  • noescape: In this case the result is not URL-encoded. By default the result is always URL-encoded (substitution of special characters: %, /, &). This modifier (option) is only useful with URL rewrites and URL redirects.

  • restart: Restarts with the first modification action defined. Modification actions already executed remain valid.

  • break:Subsequent modification actions are no longer executed.

The use of compound (grouping of single modification actions into one block) and skip (skipping modification actions) is no longer recommended.