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Inbound HTTP requests can be modified before they are forwarded to the application server. Modification actions can also be applied to the URLs of inbound requests.

You can redirect, rewrite, and filter the URL of an incoming HTTP request. A line in the action file describes precisely one modification action. The sequence in the action file defines the sequence of execution too. You can execute multiple URL modifications consecutively.

If an HTTP request is redirected or rejected, the execution of the modification actions in the action file stops.

Regular expressions are used to get maximum flexibility when modifying HTTP requests. URL modifications actions using regular expressions is very powerful. With a regular expression you can define whether the modification action on the URL of the incoming HTTP request is to be executed or not.

Note that the regular expression is applied to the URL-decoded path. The URL decoding converts the numeric characters (%xx) into an ASCII value.

Example Example

Encoded path:


Decoded path:

sap(bD1kZSZjPTAwMA==)/bc/bsp_sap test/it00/default.htm

End of the example.