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The following types of problems can occur:

  • Isolated, localized problems that affect a few transactions or a few updates. Errors in update function modules or in associated programs, perhaps in a new customer program, are usually at fault.

    You are notified of this type of problem by the CCMS alert monitor, or by affected users themselves.

    This type of problem is no cause for concern, unless the aborted transaction is critical to your business. Your first response should be to analyze the error in the update manager and system log.

  • System-wide problems that affect all updates. Any major database or system problem, such as a table overflow in a database, can produce update errors.

    In this case, the update problems are only one of the symptoms of a bigger problem. The update errors are only a secondary effect of the main problem. After correcting the system-wide problem, use the update manager to check your system for cancelled updates.

    If serious problems occur in the database, the update system deactivates itself. If necessary, you can deactivate the update system to prevent a build-up of canceled updates. This prevents canceled updates from accumulating. Clean-up afterwards is easier.

If you have a localized update problem, or you are not sure what is causing the update problem, it is best to locate the problem using update management. This information can then contribute towards the analysis of the problem in the SAP system.