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The following parameters are used to detemine source and part directories of sapcpe:

  • All profile parameters

  • source:<dir> and target:<dir>

Note Note

Note that only one parameter is required to specify a directory. If multiple parameters ar specified for a directory then source:<dir> or target:<dir> is searched for first. If one of these is missing, the profile parameter is evaluated.

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When evaluating profile parameters, sapcpe searches for the following parameters that specify the source and target directories in the SAP environment:

  • DIR_CT_RUN (source directory)

  • DIR_EXECUTABLE (target directory)


Syntax Syntax

  1. SAPCPE source:/usr/A target:/usr/B 
  2. SAPCPE name=BCE 
  3. SAPCPE pf=c:\usr\sap/BCE\sys\profile\start_bce_bcemain
  4. SAPCPE source:c:\sap\sources pf=c:\sap\profile\pf.txt
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