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The gateway is installed within an instance by the dispatcher and reads its parameters from the profile file located in the profile directory in the SAP directory tree. In standalone operation the gateway is started from the command line or using the administration tools (SAP Management Console).

You can change the following parameters in the gateway.

Some parameters can be changed (dynamically) in production operation (in transaction RZ11 or in the gateway monitor (transaction SMGW   Goto   Parameter   Change  ).


The following are configuration parameters:

  • gw/startup

  • gw/start_in_homedir

  • gw/accept_remote_trace_level

  • gw/rem_start

  • gw/start_threshold

  • gw/remsh

  • gw/ssh

  • gw/stat

  • gw/monitor

  • gw/logging

  • gw/prxy_info

For more information, see: Configuration Parameters

Load balancing for registered programs is controlled by the following parameters:

  • gw/reg_lb_level

  • gw/reg_lb_default

  • gw/reg_lb_ip

For more information, see: Load Balancing Parameters.


The parameters listed below control the behavior of the gateway within the network.

  • gw/netstat

  • gw/netstat_once

  • gw/alternative_hostnames

  • gw/so_keepalive

  • gw/nitrace

  • gw/nibuf_max

  • gw/nifragtest

For more information, see: Network Parameters


The gateway recognizes various timeouts, which you can set.

  • gw/timeout

  • gw/internal_timeout

  • gw/frag_timeout

  • gw/conn_pending

  • gw/gw_disconnect

  • gw/deallocate_timeout

  • gw/max_sleep

  • gw/keepalive

  • gw/reg_keepalive

  • gw/conn_disconnect

  • gw/cpic_timeout

  • gw/resolve_timeout

  • gw/reg_timeout

  • gw/close_routes

  • gw/nibuf_retry

  • gw/accept_timeout

For more information, see: Timeout Parameters

Resource Management

The following parameters enable gateway resource management.

  • gw/max_sys

  • gw/max_conn

  • gw/listen_queue_len

  • gw/max_overflow_usage

  • gw/max_overflow_size

  • gw/req_stack_size

For more information, see: Resource Management Parameters


Use the following parameter to make security settings in the gateway.

  • gw/acl_file

  • gw/acl_mode

  • gw/sec_info

  • gw/reg_info

  • snc/enable

  • snc/permit_insecure_comm

  • snc/permit_insecure_start

  • snc/permit_common_name

  • snc/gssapi_lib

  • snc/identity/as

For more information, see:

Security Parameters

Security Settings in the SAP Gateway