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If you do not have the executable sapwebdisp on your kernel CD, or you want to use the latest version, you can get the current SAP Web Dispatcher from the SAP Service Marketplace under the 7.20 kernel directory:

  Support Packages and Patches - Entry by Application Group   Additional Components   SAPKernel   SAP KERNEL (32/64Bit, Unicode/non-Unicode)   SAPKERNEL 7.20 (32/64Bit, Unicode/non-Unicode)   <OS Platform>   Database-independent  .

You can download kernel package SAPWEBDISP_<PL>.SAR (SAP Web Dispatcher package), which contains the SAP Web Dispatcher (sapwebdisp and all supplementary programs and libraries.

Note Note

In lower releases, the SAP Web Dispatcher was contained in kernel package DW_<PL>.SAR (disp+work package).

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To use and monitor the Web Dispatcher from the Web Administration Interface, you need packet WDISPADMIN.SAR, which you can also find on the kernel CD or on the Service Marketplace in package SAPWEBDISP_<PL>.SAR. (In earlier releases the same package was used for this as for the ICM: ICMADMIN.SAR. If ICM and Web Dispatcher are the same release, this is still possible.)

Note Note

With a Java-only installation you get the SAP Web Dispatcher in the package with the Central Services.

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Although the SAP Web Dispatcher can run in any directory, SAP recommends that you install it in a separate directory:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPWebDisp

  • UNIX: /usr/sap/<SID>/sapwebdisp

Create the directory for this and unpack program sapwebdisp(.exe) into this directory. Also copy the associated profile file into this directory.

You can Start the SAP Web Dispatcher with the Bootstrap Option, and then the profile file is created at the same time automatically.

Installation with SAPInst

You can also install the SAP Web Dispatcher with the SAP Installation Program SAPInst. For more information, see the installation guide on SAP Service Marketplace under   SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s)   Installation   Installation - Standalone Engines  .