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The following sections describe the profile parameters of the SAP Web Dispatcher.

The default values are selected so that you do not have to make any changes to these parameters. You determine the point of access to your SAP system using parameter icm/server_port_<xx>. You can also use this parameter to bind the SAP Web Dispatcher to an IP address or interface only.

You can use the parameters to adapt the configuration to specific system requirements.

Also refer to: Example: Profile file of a SAP Web Dispatcher


Since the SAP Web Dispatcher connects itself to the SAP message server and communicates with it via HTTP, the following parameters must be set correctly in the SAP Web Dispatcher profile.

  • rdisp/mshost: Host name of the machine on which the message server is running

  • ms/http_port: The port on which the message server receives HTTP requests. Alternatively, you can use parameter wdisp/system_<xx>. You must use this parameter if you are using the Web Dispatcher for multiple systems. If both parameters are set ms/http_port is ignored.

    More information: SAP Web Dispatcher for Multiple Systems

For the message server, this port must be configured as an HTTP port, by setting parameter ms/server_port_<xx> in the message server profile.

More information: Message Server Parameters

Note Note

With a Java-only installation of the NetWeaver AS, the message server of central services (refer to Message Service) supplies the information. If ABAP is installed, all the information comes from the message server of the AS ABAP. The SAP Web Dispatcher knows from the above parameters which message server is used.

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Caution Caution

With an ABAP+Java system you have to specify the host and port of the message server for ABAP, because in this case only this has the full server information.

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The Parameter Overview describes the parameters used to configure the SAP Web Dispatcher.

The parameters used for both the Web Dispatcher and for the ICM are described in Profile Parameters for the ICM and SAP Web Dispatcher.

Note Note

Many of the parameters are relevant for working with the SAP Web Dispatcher and its tables. Information about the tables can be found in Architecture of the SAP Web Dispatcher.

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Caution Caution

When you set the maximum values, note that unnecessarily large values can increase the Memory Requirement of the SAP Web Dispatchers.

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