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You can monitor and manage both the SAP Web Dispatcher and the Internet Communication Manager (ICM) from the browser.

The functions and structure are similar to transaction SMICM for the ICM in AS ABAP (see Using the ICM Monitor). You cannot use transaction SMICM to administrate the Web dispatcher because the Web dispatcher is an infrastructure component usually in the DMZ and cannot be accessed from the application server.

You do not need the SAP GUI to access the Web administration interface, and you do not have to be logged on to the computer on which the Web dispatcher or ICM is running.


You can monitor and manage the Web Dispatcher and the ICM also using Command line Programs.

For information about processing requests using the Web Dispatcher and ICM see Processing Administration Requests.


To manage the Web dispatcher and ICM from the browser, the Web administration interface must be set up. The procedure is described in Setting Up the Web Administration Interface.


Enter the URL http(s)://host:admin_port/sap/admin in the browser. Here the host is the computer on which the Web dispatcher or ICM is running and admin_port is the administration port configured with icm/HTTP/admin_<xx>.

Recommendation Recommendation

For security reasons you should use HTTPS for the administration. If you use HTTP the administrator passwords are transferred unencrypted and can therefore be listened to. It is best to work with client certificates.

End of the recommendation.

When you have logged on you will see the administration and monitoring interface.

On the left is the menu for the individual areas, on the right is the detail area. You can find further information in the following sections:

Detail Area

Area Menu

X.509 Certificate

You can access the Web administration interface using the client certificate. For more information see Using the Web Admin Interface with Certificate X.509.