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A SAProuter error message consists of eight or more lines, with a blank line inserted after one or two lines.

SAProuter error message


SapRouter on myhost


partner not reached


Wed Jul 23 15:24:42 2008




NI (network interface)







The first two lines are important. They indicate:

  • On which host the SAProuter concerned is running (in this example myhost)

  • To which application area the error belongs (here connection setup)

In this example, SAProuter cannot set up the connection to its partner. You are advised to check the connection again.

If there is no LOCATION entry, the error message refers to a local program.

The information after the blank line is particularly relevant for internal errors. If you cannot correct the error and therefore contact SAP, the detailed information may be helpful.

The most important error messages are:

  • Route permission denied: The connection is not permitted and will not be opened by the SAProuter. Check the route permission table and make changes, if necessary.

    For more information, see: Checking the Route Permission Table

  • Maximum number of clients reached: SAProuter cannot open the connection because it has already opened the maximum number of connections. Change the maximum setting or start another SAProuter.

    For more information, see: Setting Up More Connections