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With function saprouter -l (IBM i: saprouter '-l') you trigger the SAProuter to display route information on the screen; with saprouter -L (IBM i: saprouter '-L') you get more detailed information.

The information contains the following:

  • A table with the connection number, client, partner, and service for each existing connection Connections for which the connection trace is activated are marked with an asterisk (*).

    For more information, see Option -t (toggle trace)

  • The total number of clients, the working directory in which SAProuter is running, and the path of the route permission table

  • The PID and the port of the parent, if the SAProuter was started by another SAProuter process (For more information, see Starting the SAProuter and Option -Y <n>.)

    Note Note

    If you want to display the SAProuter information from a remote host, use option -H <hostname> [-P <password>].

    End of the note.
Route Details for Several SAProuters

If you are running several SAProuter processes, and you want to display the route details of a SAProuter other than the last one started, use option Option -S <service> and specify the port. You can find out the port of the SAProuter preceding the current one by using the option -l (see above).


If you specify saprouter –l, the output may look like:

Syntax Syntax

  1. Wed Apr 11 09:01:57 2007
    SAP Network Interface Router, Version 38.0 
    Wed Apr 11 09:01:58 2007
    peer SAProuter with NI version 38 ...
    send info-request to running SAProuter ...
    SAP Network Interface Router running on port 3299 (PID = 1576962)
    Started on: Wed Apr 13 09:00:10 2005
    ID  CLIENT                      | PARTNER                     service
    7   localhost                   | (no partner)
    6                 |                3227
    4  *                 |                3227
    2                 |                3227
    Total no. of clients: 7
    Working directory   : /net/usr.scratch/d039768/mm/rs6000_64
    Routtab             : ./saprouttab
End of the code.